City of Coachella Continues to Require Face Coverings

News form the City of Coachella

Coachella, CA: To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the City of Coachella has enacted an emergency ordinance requiring the use of face coverings while in public settings. This includes anyone waiting for or using public transportation, taxis or rideshare vehicles, those picking up food or other items from restaurants or businesses that are open, people seeking healthcare and any worker that interacts with the public.

The ordinance also requires all businesses to require workers and customers to wear face coverings. This includes the display of signs informing customers of the face covering policy and efforts to prevent people without face coverings from entering the store. Businesses are also instructed to refuse service to any customer not covering his or her face.

“Unfortunately, Coachella and the rest of the eastern valley remains a hotspot for coronavirus cases,” said Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez. “Until we can get this virus under control, our city will continue to require these reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of people living and working in Coachella.”

Exceptions include children under 2 years old and those who have a note from a medical professional advising patients to not wear a mask. People are not required to wear masks while at home or in vehicles alone or with others living in their household. Face coverings are not required for those participating in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, running or bicycling provided they remain at least 6 feet apart from others.

This ordinance also requires people to practice social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet apart from others while in public. It will remain in effect indefinitely until modified or suspended by the City Council, Director of Emergency Services or any county, state or federal declaration.

The full ordinance can be found HERE.